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thoughtFormMicrotuner 0.2

by thoughtForm and William Bajzek

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The thoughtFormMicrotuner is a Max For Live patch created to facilitate microtunings on the LinnStrument or other MPE controller. Specifically it addresses the problem of achieving accurate pitch bends for unequal scale divisions as found in just intonation tunings. Because it uses pitch bend to retune the intervals (and because it’s made to be used with MPE-unfriendly Ableton Live), it works monophonically. Polyphony can be achieved by using multiple instances, each with its own MIDI channel, and the controller set to Channel-Per-Note or Channel-Per-Row.

The patch can also be used generally to microtune any monosynth that doesn’t natively support alternate tunings.

Enter a decimal note value for each key (1.00 = 100 cents) and make sure the pitch bend range matches that of your controller and sound source.

In action:

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